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Cleaning SOPs

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This is a cut and paste from the Patreon Discord. I'm hoping for further clarification, discussion, maybe links to equipment, and if you are brave - include your fails so we all don't make the same mistakes.

MissionHillMelts: Question for my hash makers, how do you guys clean your sieves when you're done with them? Spray in iso and wipe them down?

alfred: That’s what i do. And i have a dedicated like sponge for it

alfred: Kinda like this [pic attached]

oregondaze: Would freezing it and knocking it be helpful? I’ve been freezing my wash bags that get greased up before further cleaning and I’ve found it helps me do a more thorough job without the use of solvents.

alfred:  Someone on the podcast did that i think it may of been dablogic

 But some of the people on here have talked about ut

 I’ve never had an issue after iso and a scrub with the sieve do have never thought further curious for someone like Adam or mts to chime in

Jameson_Welbourn: I am not Adam or mts but I have has issues w iso damaging the bags

oregondaze: Same. I don’t use iso on anything but my tables and spoons at this point.

HumphreyHashish: Isopropyl for sure has a bad effect on the bags. Ethanol would be a better choice to use. Rosin bags as well.

@simpleeadam mentioned that Sam from Dab logic stores his wash bags in a freezer. The only time they arent frozen is during a wash and cleaning. (edited)

hash_uh_clock: he also washes his bags with oxyclean, dump rinse repeat

HumphreyHashish:  I use oxyclean as well. I'm gonna try some alconox from @mtsfarm's recommendation

mtsfarm: Just pour a little [alconox] in a 5 gallon bucket with room temp water soak if bad, just wash and rinse thoroughly with cold water. If I soaked them I will also soak them again in cold water only once after rinsing and cleaning and rinse again after. As someone pointed out the other day, it's technically a detergent, and takes a good rinse. But works great

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  1. MissionHillMelts

    Bag Cleaning SOP (per Resin Ranch Extraction IG story)
    Food grade 5 gallon bucket
    99% Isopropyl alcohol or Ethanol
    3 x 32 gallon brutes
    Oxy clean powder perfume free dye free
    Somewhere to hang you bags dry
    1. fill bottom of 5 gallon with iso or ethanol.
    2. Fill 3 32 gallon brute barrels with 20 gallons of water. Using the provided scoop, fill to second line and add to 1 of the brutes with water (need precise measurement in grams/volume)
    3. Dip mesh of bags in the solvent and let soak for a few minutes to dissolve any stuck hash. Always do your 220u last
    4. Fully submerged and agitate your wash bags in the oxy clean/water bath. When finish, drain as much of the oxy clean water out as you can. Make sure to have the pull tie at the bottom so water can drain out fully
    5. Once drained repeat the process in the two fresh water barrels. Fully submerge the bags, agitate, drain, and move to the next barrel. 6. After the second fresh water wash, hang the bags and let them fully dry.