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Testing Melt Percentage (Gravimetric Analysis)

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Re-posting a great question from @HikerTrash_lab.

Question: So, as we plan to drop full melt across the state I was curious if you help lend me to what combos or single bags pull the best. Obviously depending on a million variables.

My Answer:

Exactly like you said, it depends. What I do is when I’m pulling from the freeze drier I pull trays and quickly get the hash into parchment lined vac bags. Before I seal I take a small sample of each different micron spectrum. Once my hash is vac sealed and in the freezer. I sit down with the sample and do a gravimetric analysis.

To do so you’ll need a banger, and a milligram scale. First weight the clean banger. Then load the dab into the banger and weight. The difference is the dab weight.

Then cold start the hash and continue heating until it’s just char left. You don’t want smoke just vapor. Then once there no oil in the banger only char, take the weight of the after dab banger. The difference of the after dab banger and beginning banger weight is the char weight.

Melt percentage= (Dab-char)/dab

Cultivar: Frosted Froyo
Micron Spectrum: 90 - 119μm
Banger weight: 13.243g
Banger w/ dab: 13.281g
Banger after dab: 13.245g
Dab: 0.040g
Char: 0.002g
Percent Melt: 94.74%

I keep a spread sheet of this data. I personally have found I only like to keep melt above 94% melt.

The melt usually lands in the 70-89, 90-119, 119-149 ranges