The Smoking Jacket

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Hear and interact with some of the most respected people in hash with a two-day hash experience. Our live panels entitled Resin Talks will feature a diverse group of industry leaders covering a variety of topics, led in conversation by Shoragim, host of The Hashish Inn podcast.

Stav, Alex & Hunter of Helios Hash (S. Maine)

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In this episode we get to speak to Stav, Alex & Hunter of Helios Hash based S. Maine. We discuss their experience over the last several months, after winning the Ego Clash in the hash category last year.

Resin Dial

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Introducing the Resin Dial, a low-volume filtration assembly designed to be compact and compatible with the standard wide mouth canning jar to form a lightweight easily transportable ‘test wash’ kit with seamless and removable micron filters. Allows you to take actual yields from small test washes. Don’t just see the hash, collect data as well.