The Smoking Jacket

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Hear and interact with some of the most respected people in hash with a two-day hash experience. Our live panels entitled Resin Talks* will feature a diverse group of industry leaders covering a variety of topics, led in conversation by Shoragim, host of The Hashish Inn podcast.

Guests for our Resin Talks panels, include:

  • Ozi @cubangrower
  • Brad of @710labs
  • Alice @aliiiiice of @girlsingreen
  • Flynn @wooksaucewinery
  • Chris @therealcannabis_chris
  • Pepe & Danny of @ogrefarms
  • Adam @simp.lee.adam

*Resin Talk panels will include a Q&A portion for the audience

Other features of this live event include:

The Hashish Inn | LIVE Podcast w/ Q&A – featuring:

Cuban Grower @cubangrower

Hash tastings – will provide MULTIPLE unique opportunities to have a “farm to table” experience with fresh, seasonal resins from the gardens of

Adam @simp.lee.adam

Tom @humphreyhashish

Chris @therealcannabis_chris

Additionally, we will host a friendly hash rosin competition, as well as some cool GLASS collabs we’re excited about.

As you should expect from a THI live production, you will be well fed, well hydrated, well caffeinated (if you choose) & well medicated!

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