Introducing the Resin Dial, a low-volume filtration assembly designed to be compact and compatible with the standard wide mouth canning jar to form a lightweight easily transportable ‘test wash’ kit with seamless and removable micron filters. Allows you to take actual yields from small test washes. Don’t just see the hash, collect data as well.

  • Gauge your plants desirability for resin production
  • Reduce your sampling size, lowering cost of production
  • Increase batch frequency by running multiple in synchronization
  • Determine percent yield without removing resin from the filter
  • Optimize production conditions by reducing the need to maintain conventional sieving bags
  • Shuffle through micron disc filters to determine which filters are right for your application
  • Use periodically throughout the growing period to help determine optimal harvest times
  • Compatible with standard wide mouth canning jars
  • Fits inside a home freeze dryer
  • Easily weighed on common food scale
  • Fits inside a cooler or refrigerator

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