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Post freeze dry contaminant removal technique

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Originally posted by @simpleeadam in the THI discord 11/10/21:

This is for all you wacky freeze drying fanatics out there:


Take this thought experiment for a moment.


Freeze drying gland heads also shrinks gland heads. Not by much, but none the less there is a shrinkage effect. The contaminants (if there is any) stay the same or similar size. You can see this w/ macro photography.


Now that you are under the same mind set, shrunken heads could theoretically be cleaned again. The bags don’t have to be the end filter.


Let’s say you Forced a freeze dried “120 micron”  through an aperture width of something extremely similar or the same size that the original wet gland head fell into. Given that they were a different shape and size (smaller) than they were when they were in the bag and wet (pre-freeze dry). It seems you could get the heads that much cleaner this way.


I’ve never tried it, just a thought I’d had that I figured was worth sharing.

Plz try and get back to me who ever you are.

The once 120micron once freeze dried would fall through a 120micron

Contaminant could stay

Catch the heads in something like a 40

Hope that all makes sense let me know if you’ve got any questions