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The following are notes from a class with Drake from Natural Farming Hawaii. The class was at Brown Bottle Farms on July 25 1018.
@catcrap or anyone doing or wanting to apply Korean Natural Farming This page shows the lifecycle of a plant.
For veg you use the leaf enhancement solution. For flowering you use the flowering enhancement solution. For fruiting you use the fruit enhancement solution. At transition or change over it is beneficial to use a ffj made of unripe fruit. I believe it is higher in phosphoric acid which helps the transition into the reproductive state. Then half way thru flower, you apply sea water 1:30 diluted with water when the buds start swelling. Seawater feed microbes and trace minerals. Supposed to increase brix and terpene levels.

And stop using LAB 3 weeks before harvest. LAB can decrease the sweetness

Fermented Fruit Juice notes:

Sweet fruits need more sugar.

More sugar content to the fruit, more sugar is needed to pull out juice. Cover the exposed surface with sugar.

Making fermented plant juice from cannabis ain’t Easy, but adding salt or sea water to the ferment will help increase the osmotic pressure in the removal of plant juices from cell walls.  @TerpWizard I remember recommending LAB for cannabis ferments. This ☝️ is the recommendation drake gave me.

The fat / skinny is this concept that amino acids (fish amino acid) swells the cells, where water soluble calcium phosphorus thickens the cell wall. We want I balance between the two.

Last thing when collecting indigenous microorganisms spray the collection area with the maintenance solution (lab, brv, and ohm) 3 days before you start collection.