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Continuous Wash Concept

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Original Post posted by @MTSfarms on the THI discord.

Continuous wash concept. Putting aquarium pump in bottom of brute trash can, pumping while washing for a continuous wash after 1st pull to streamline less and keep work faster.

Answer: Good concept. Has not seen done exactly as I am saying but similar with bubble magics he thinks. Room need to be kept very cold. Should work well.

On cleaning bags from washes where it seems to have alot extra stuck on. Answer: Just immediately clean with cold water and spot clean with alcohol. If spot cleaned with alcohol more than 5-6 times get new bags.

Cleaning bubble magic when done with run. Use water and 5%+ H202 to get rid of mold/microbes, use alcohol as needed for spot cleaning.

Ice water ratio for bubble magic

Answer: 60 lbs ice and approximately 8 gallons of water. Basically filling to 4th notch from top on the vent.

Importance of RO for your ice

Answer: feels very important, feels its takes longer to melt, doesn't have cloudiness you see in non filtered and avoids heavy metals but says lot of store bought ice is actually RO and to just call local companies and ask how they filter and how often they change the filters.

Training for yield for solventless, any advantage to only removing fan leaves and leaving lowers to possibly have a larger biomass to wash and less larger buds giving more surface area to wash.

Answer: agrees but says cultivar dependent as sometimes lowers done develope enough to wash well as he recent did a wash of MAC 69 and the lowers pulled less than 1% while his Chem D OG will pull 7% on the lowers.

Also, bag recommendations

Micron extract bag. Says it only bag he knows of actually sewn in US(apparently icextract is not) and only bag that he as used for 6 months, while having macro photography done of his stuff and never finding a fiber.

Filling pyramid bags for washing.

(He prefers those over cube)

1000 grams large, 500 small, fresh frozen weight. Dont exceed just add more bags.

Hope any of you found any of that useful lol. Carry on😎